Mad Rafting Ubaye

Terms and conditions

Minimum age: 6 years for Baby-Raft and "La Mare aux Pitchouns",
6 years for the adventure course, climbing and water trekking,
8 years for the Via Ferrata
10 years for rafting (except for Ubaye 12 years)
12 years for Mini-Raft, Hot-dog, White-water swimming and Canyoning.
Knowing how to swim is compulsory for white-water sports and canyoning.

Personal water equipment recommended

Thermal slippers or trainers that fit your feet.
In spring: lycra or thin woollen jumper (no cotton).
If you're keeping your glasses, make sure you have them attached.


Students are responsible for the equipment entrusted to them: boat, lifejacket, helmet, paddle, wetsuit, harness, karabiners, etc. Any loss due to theft or negligence will be billed.


White water sports, water trekking, canyoning and climbing/Via Ferrata activities are supervised by state-certified guides (BE, BP, DE, Staps).


To confirm the booking, a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the services booked must be paid. The balance will be paid on site, together with any supplements decided by the student or group leader during the stay.
Payments should be made payable to EVP or Eau Vive Passion.


Sums paid are non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the trainee or group leader. In the event of cancellation by EVP - Eau Vive Passion, all sums paid will be refunded to the trainee or group leader, who will not be entitled to claim any additional compensation.


For à la carte activities and day trips:
Following withdrawals from the number of participants booked and not notified at least 15 days before the date of the stay, the deposits paid by registered non-participants will not be used to pay the balance of the persons attending the stay. In this case, the person in charge of the group will have to pay the balance on site, including the balance of the services provided for those not taking part in the holiday, with the exception of a serious justified reason (illness, accident, etc.).

For weekends and courses (Activities + Accommodation + Catering)
More than 60 days before departure: 10% of the total price
Between 60 and 45 days: 30% of the total price
Between 45 and 30 days: 50% of the total price
Between 30 and 7 days: 75% of the total price
Less than 7 days before departure: 100% of the total price

For organisational or staffing reasons, EVP reserves the right to alter the timetable of a holiday.

For safety reasons: flooding, bad weather or other serious reasons, EVP - Eau Vive Passion may change the route of a descent, modify or cancel the programme of a holiday.

For white-water sports, the actual time taken to descend the rivers may be shorter than the time indicated on our brochure. This may be due mainly to the speed of the current as the water rises, which is higher in spring (snow melt) or following heavy rain. In spring, and depending on the water level, we may have to navigate on the upper reaches of the Ubaye, so the meeting point may have to be changed and you may have to bring your own vehicle.

Additional FFCK insurance

You will be offered this at reception. It is not compulsory but recommended. One day: approximately €1 per day of the subscription.

Reception or appointment

Usually at the base, possibly at the activity venue or at your chosen accommodation for some holidays.
In all cases, the date and time will be specified on your booking form.

Activity prices include

Supervision, loan of all specific equipment including wetsuits for white water sports, aqua trekking and canyoning.
Transport during white-water activities (except for "Holiday Centres" where transport is optional). For other activities, you will be asked to use your own vehicles and to take out third-party insurance.

For weekends or courses (camping, hotel* or **, gîte-auberge, holiday centre or hotel-club***): same services as "activity rates" + accommodation/restaurant as specified in the technical sheet.

Nota :
For weekends or courses, lunches are taken in the form of packed lunches or grilled meals by the river.

Prices do not include :

Drinks and extras.
Transfers between the base and your accommodation, and during canyoning and via ferrata activities (accommodation/base transfer option: ask for details! ).
Supplementary multi-sports insurance.