This activity allows you to combine climbing and emptying in complete safety since you are constantly attached to a cable and supervised by a guide who gives us all the tips for progressing on the cliff.

Via ferrata is an activity that combines climbing, hiking and adventure trails. It consists of progressing along a route set up on rocky cliffs or vertical walls, using rungs, metal cables, footbridges, suspension bridges and other specific equipment. Participants are usually attached to a safety cable using a harness and lanyard.

The via ferrata allows mountain enthusiasts to discover steep places while benefiting from the assistance of the fixed equipment in place. It offers a climbing experience accessible to a wide audience, from beginners to more experienced climbers. The activity allows you to enjoy spectacular views, thrills and experience an outdoor adventure, while guaranteeing increased safety thanks to specific equipment and the accompaniment of experienced guides.


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  • €34.00 - €80.00