Rafting "Sensation" course Ubaye

Rafting "Sensation" course Ubaye

  • Duration: 2H30
  •  Level: advanced only, caution: you must be comfortable in the water
  • From 14 years old
  • Course: 7km ex-infrans course
  • Dates: from April to September
  • Bring a swimsuit, a pair of trainers for the water and a towel.

Activity possible from 4 participants. If the minimum is not reached, you will be offered a postponement to another date.

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Rafting is an inflatable boat. It has been designed to provide an unrivalled access to the river in terms of safety and accessibility. The rafts on the Ubaye have between 4 and 8 places, so you can keep your raft light and agile.

We offer a 7 km descent on the former Infrans section, recognised as one of the best stretches of white water in Europe. With landscapes that are as impressive as they are majestic, and rushing rapids , this sensational course lives up to its name and offers plenty of sport and thrills.

Our guides will be on hand to offer you the best formula that suits your needs. On the programme: sport, water and a breathtaking atmosphere for guaranteed thrills!

The adventure starts with splashes, adrenaline and smiles.

What equipment is needed for rafting?

Basic equipment for rafting includes a wetsuit, neo jacket, life jacket, helmet, paddle and inflatable boat. It is also recommended to wear appropriate clothing, such as swimsuits, water shoes and a quick-drying top.

What is the difficulty level of rafting?

The level of difficulty of rafting varies depending on the class of rapids encountered on the river. Rapid classes range from I (easy) to VI (extreme). Beginners are generally advised to start with Class II or III rivers, while experienced ones can opt for Class III or higher rivers.

Do I need to know how to swim to go rafting?

Although knowing how to swim is an advantage, it is not always necessary for rafting. However, it is mandatory to wear a life jacket and listen carefully to the safety instructions provided by your guide as well as being comfortable with the water.

What can I expect on a rafting trip?

On a rafting trip, you can expect to navigate through rapids, feel adrenaline rushes, be sprayed with water and enjoy beautiful natural scenery. Experienced guides will help you maneuver the boat safely.

What is the best season for rafting?

The ideal season for rafting depends on the region and river conditions. Generally, melting snow in spring and heavy rain in summer provide sufficient water flow for exciting rafting experiences.

What are the risks associated with rafting?

Although rafting is a fun activity, it carries some risks, including the possibility of falling from the boat, colliding with rocks, and unintentional immersion in the water. This is why it is essential to follow safety instructions and wear appropriate equipment.

Are there any age restrictions for rafting?

Age restrictions may vary depending on region and river. Generally, children must be a certain age and/or meet certain height requirements to participate in rafting trips. Minors must often be accompanied by an adult.

Do I need to book in advance to go rafting?

Advance booking is recommended, especially during peak seasons, as places may be limited. Additionally, this allows us to better organize your experience and meet your specific needs.

Are there any additional tips for a successful rafting experience?

Be sure to follow the safety instructions provided by your guide, stay calm in stressful situations, and fully enjoy the wilderness experience.

Can I come rafting alone?

Yes, activities are organized with a minimum number of participants. If you are alone or in a small group, you can join other sessions

Does rafting require any particular physical condition?

There are courses and activities suitable for all levels, whether you are sporty or looking for a more leisurely experience

How do I pay for my rafting activity?

Payments can be made online, or on site in cash, by check or holiday vouchers

Can people with disabilities practice rafting?

Yes, disabilities that do not affect mobility generally do not require special provisions. The bases are accessible and special sessions can be organized

What equipment should I bring?

Bring a swimsuit, sneakers that can get wet, a towel and a glasses cord.

Where is the meeting point for my activity?

When you make your reservation, you will receive an email with the exact location of the meeting point