Aquatic Canyoning of Rabou

Aquatic canyoning - Rabou

Le Drac
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • 5 minutes approach step
  • Beginner to advanced level, caution: you must be comfortable in the water
  • Equipment provided
  • Bring a swimsuit, a pair of trainers for the water and a towel.
  • From June to September

    An aquatic canyon for 12 year olds and upwards with jumps and slides, providing plenty of opportunities to play games and follow your guide's instructions.

    Activity possible from 4 participants. If the minimum is not reached, you will be offered a postponement to another date.

    Desired date :
Number of participants :

Canyoning is a way of moving through watercourses, often gorges or ravines, often found in the mountains. Jumps, slides and abseils of varying heights will be your obstacles of the day, with pools in between. Each canyon is unique, so the level of difficulty and commitment will be specific to each trip and/or itinerary. These can be adapted to suit the age and level of the participants, so that the fun remains at the heart of the activity.

More than a sport, it's above all a way of discovering an environment that is often inaccessible, exceptional and of wild natural beauty. Discover the long struggle between water and rock over time, confront yourself or relax and enjoy a refreshing and unforgettable experience.

The Rabou Gorge, at the foot of the Dévoluy, is a watery and entertaining gorge, but it can also be sporty for those who are not afraid of a little adventure. With slides, jumps of up to 8m and abseils of up to 13m, this canyon is very adaptable and is equipped along almost its entire length. Depending on your wishes or fears, the guide will suggest a braked abseil or a guided descent rather than jumping into the deep end.

You too will have the opportunity to discover a geological massif and an exceptional setting that will plunge you back thousands of years in time - a change of scenery guaranteed!

We provide all the thermal and safety equipment you need and our qualified guide will be on hand to help you, whether you want to push yourself to the limit or just enjoy a moment with family and friends.

Special conditions: The approach is very short and very accessible, but beware: although short, the return is quite steep. The jumps and abseils can be adapted by the guide according to your fears and the conditions and/or turned into slow abseils. If you are very afraid of heights, we can suggest other locations for the activity to make you feel more comfortable.

As canyoning is a weather-sensitive activity (thunderstorms, heavy rain), the activity may be postponed or cancelled if conditions make this necessary for obvious safety reasons.