Water hiking - le Couleau

Water hiking - le Couleau

La Durance
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • No approach step
  • Level: For beginners, caution: you must be comfortable in the water
  • From 8 years old, depending on water conditions
  • Top-of-the-range equipment provided
  • Dates: from June to September, depending on water conditions
  • An easy, fun canyon, ideal for a first family experience.
  • No abseiling, open to the youngests, especially in summer.
  • Bring a swimsuit, a pair of trainers for the water and a towel
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Water trekking is an alternative to canyoning, but without the ropes, although the recipe is the same. On the programme: jumps, slides and swimming in pools will be your playmates. More than just a sport, canyoning is a way for the whole family to explore the wilderness. Discover the long struggle between water and rock, confront yourself or relax and enjoy an experience that's as refreshing as it is unforgettable.

The Couleau canyoning trip is THE 1st canyoning trip to discover. Situated at the foot of the Ecrins, with its open topography and jumps accessible to the youngest, it's perfect for introducing children to canyoning without the hassle of ropes and abseils. What's more, most of the passages have a path that allows you to repeat the passage as many times as you like, so you can enjoy it to your heart's content! It's the perfect place to relax and cool off with the family on a hot day.

We'll provide you with all the thermal and safety equipment you need, and our qualified guide will be on hand to help you get the most out of your experience, so that fun remains at the heart of the activity.

Special conditions: As canyoning is a weather sensitive activity (thunderstorms, heavy rain), the activity may be postponed or cancelled if conditions make this necessary for obvious safety reasons.