Via Ferrata of the Grande Fistoire

Via Ferrata of the Grande Fistoire

  • From 6 people with entry fee and zip line included
  • Duration: 4H30
  • Level: beginner to advanced
  • From 12 years old
  • Top-of-the-range equipment provided
  • Dates: from May to November
  • Bring a sportswear outfit and a pair of trainers

Activity possible from 4 participants. If the minimum is not reached, you will be offered a postponement to another date.

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Via ferrata (Italian for "railway") is a way of moving along walls and various more or less vertical obstacles, using equipment similar to that used for rock climbing. The difference is that the walls are equipped with rungs, bridges and ladders, and a lifeline is placed along the entire length of the wall for self-belay. Originally created in Austria in the 19th century, it was in Italy during the 1st World War that it acquired its nobility. Today, as a means of sport tourism, it is an excellent complement to climbing, offering the same adrenaline and breathtaking views without the technical demands of the latter.

The Grande Fistoire via ferrata is one of the most aerial and challenging routes in the Southern Alps. Overlooking the Grand Vallon torrent and the Combe Obscure, this via ferrata is divided into 3 routes ranging from medium to very difficult for the most motivated. The programme includes heights, a 60m pedestrian bridge and 3 successive cableways, all of which will give you plenty of thrills. All in a unique and unusual setting. After a short approach walk, the first section is accessible and suitable for children, provided they are not afraid of heights, and is the perfect introduction for those looking for a bit of 'gas'. The other two sections, which follow on from each other (with an escape route in the middle), will give you the chance to test yourself, but be warned: you'll need to be in good physical condition to conquer the last wall. The zip lines on the way back, at 150, 130 and 220 metres respectively, complete this adrenaline cocktail. The adventure only awaits you

We will provide you with all the necessary safety equipment (harness, lanyards, helmet) and our qualified guides will be on hand to help you make smooth progress and to adapt the route to your level, so that your enjoyment remains the central element of your outing.